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Planet & The People

May 5, 2021

Fashion is something we all enjoy, whether purely as a function or as a passion, but it's impacts on the environment have only relatively recently started to be talked about. 


I wanted to dive deep into this topic to find out why and in what ways the fashion industry is bad for the planet, and also how we can turn...

Apr 27, 2021

Plastics are swamping our oceans. This is one of the most talked about issues but what are we doing about it?


The Ocean Cleanup, led by inventor and entrepreneur Boyan Slat are pioneers in technology that is clearing our oceans of plastic and also stopping plastics entering our oceans through river interceptors. 



Apr 14, 2021

Some time ago I was speaking to a friend of mine Chip Yardly all about the impacts of air travel on the planet. Chip is a pilot who flies for Tui, and had quite a lot to say about the topic, having had to swat up on it for his job interviews.

So I decided to have him on Planet & The People for a bite sized chat where he...

Apr 14, 2021

I spoke to Henrietta Moon, co-founder of Carbo Culture all about Biochar. Biochar is one of the lesser known climate solutions. It's not as talked about as renewable energy or trees or direct air capture technology, which was why I was so pleased that Carbo Culture contacted me and asked me to come on the podcast.


Apr 7, 2021

Having made a career in theatre and film as a writer and actor, I like to think the arts can be pretty powerful in lots of ways, but how can it be used to inspire us about climate change?

I spoke to playwright April De Angelis whose 20 year career has seen her plays produced at the National Theatre, The Royal Court and...